The Tailor Project is an initiative of Impakt Labs, a non-profit organization that conducts social issue research and incubates innovative solutions to social problems. You can support The Tailor Project in the followings ways:

The Tailor Project is committed to documenting and sharing the stories of the tailors who survived the Holocaust and were brought to Canada with their families between 1948 and 1949 through the Garment Workers Scheme. These stories illustrate how people who experienced unimaginable trauma rebuilt their lives and created new opportunities for their families. They also underscore the value of immigration and importance of employment for refugees – in the past and today. With your support, we can continue to preserve the stories of these survivors, develop new educational programs and create employment for refugees today.

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Donations can be made to The Tailor Project fund through CAF Canada – a registered Canadian charity. To donate please click here, scroll down to “Donate to this Charity Now” and make your donation out to Impakt Labs. We appreciate any contribution you can make. For questions about donating please reach out to

Donate to the Archives

Do you have historical documents you would like to donate to the archives? Please contact us at